Support/Knowledge base

Learn about how to get started quickly with Apps and APIs.
Learn about the platform signup process, how to manage your user account, and how to navigate around the site.
Learn about how to create an app project with the platform. It's the first step to using our APIs. With the platform, you can create multiple versions of an app, allowing you to maintain a version in production while testing a future version in your sandbox.
Learn about getting access to APIs. You'll need to license our APIs for each of your app projects.
Learn how you can test your app, either in the sandbox or by using the Dev Console.
Learn about leveraging our services and developer community. With the platform, you can collaborate. You can also test your integration in your sandbox with our real-time performance tools before going live.
Learn about how to submit a production access request for your app, and how to monitor app performance once it's running.
Learn how to monitor your app's performance using charts and logs, our performance monitoring tools.
Learn about how to use our Dashboard to stay informed about your apps and APIs. On your dashboard, you'll receive notifications about your application projects and the APIs they're using. You can also see all of your Board discussions in one place.
Learn about how an API Administrator can publish an API, upload legal agreements and API documentation, assign administrators, create groups, determine the licenses that will be offered for the API, and perform API maintenance tasks.
Learn about how a Business Administrator can invite others to be Business Admins and define licenses and scopes that comprise API Contracts used to restrict visibility and monitor service levels of API operations for apps that are connected to an API.
Learn about how a Site Administrator can manage platform user accounts, invite individuals to be site administrators or business administrators of the platform, upload site color schemes and update css style sheets, and configure authentication domains.