U.S. Bank-AARP Hackathon Pre-Reading Material

A. IBM Bluemix Overviewand Account Signup Links

  1. 1. Bluemix overview video(s) - short in duration

    [OPTIONAL] Highest-level overview of Bluemix:
     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcu664HbfS4 - 2 minutes

    [IMPORTANT] Most up-to-date overview:
     https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cloud/library/cl-bluemix-getting-started-video/index.html - 13 minutes

    [IMPORTANT] A broader look at of Bluemix:
     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsGnyZedlFk - 14 minutes

    [OPTIONAL] The long version:
     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq5MvY1nNOM - 24 minutes

  2. 2. [IMPORTANT] Bluemix account signup link and instructions

    1. a) Go to bluemix.net and click "Create a free account" to get a free thirty day trial account, including access to Bluemix & Watson services.

    2. b) Go to http://promocodes.mybluemix.net to extend the duration of the Trial account by 90 days and increase memory/services limits. Complete the three fields as follows:

       1. For "Enter the Event Name", type "USBank" (case sensitive; without quotes).

       2. or "Enter your IBM ID", type the email address you entered when creating your Bluemix trial account in the previous step.

       3. For "Enter your Team Name", type your name.

       Click the reCAPTCHA verification box to complete the verification, then Click "Submit"

    3. c) You will receive an email from "IBM Hackathon Support" with instructions on applying the Promo Code to your BluemixTrial account. Given continual advancements in the Bluemix user interface, the instructions may not be current, thus we suggest applying the Promo Code as follows:

       1. Copy the Promo Code in the email from "IBM Hackathon Support".

       2. Login to your Bluemix account at bluemix.net.

       3. Once you’re logged into Bluemix, at the top of the screen, there’s a downward facing arrow to the right of "NN Trial Days Remaining"; Click on that downward facing arrow.

       4. On the pop-down screen which appears, select "Apply Promo Code".

       5. Then on the Billing screen which appears, scroll down and click on the "Add Promo Code" button to enter and apply your Promo Code.

      Complete descriptions, demos, and documentation on the Bluemix & Watson Services/APIs are available in the Bluemix Catalog.

B. Elavon Converge API

  1. 1. Using the Converge Pay API

    Complete description of Elavon converge API is provided on the Elevon Developer portal. Here are the basic steps to get you started using the Converge API in the context of the AARP Hackathon.

    For the AARP Hackathon, we will be using the "processxml.do" method for the Elavon Converge API. This API requires the request message to be an encapsulated XML data message. It also requires valid user credentials.

  2. 2. Converge API data structure for the AARP Hackathon:

     ssl_merchant_id - the Elavon ID for the merchant requesting to process this payment.

     ssl_user_id - the user ID associated with the account that is making this payment request.

     ssl_pin - the security PIN associated with the user's account (for security verification).

     ssl_transaction_type - type of payment transaction being processed. For this hackathon, we will only be interested in credit card sales transactions.

     ssl_card_number - the card number being used for the payment.

     ssl_exp_date - the expiration date of the card being used for payment.

     ssl_amount - the amount of the transaction request.

     ssl_first_name - the first name associated with the payment card.

  3. 3. User credentials for the AARP Hackathon:

     :The following user credentials will be valid for the hackathon:

     ssl_merchant_id = "009005"

     ssl_user_id = "hackathon"


  4. 4. Test URL for the Converge API:


  5. 5. Sample message for the TJ Bot Hackathon:

    The message must be sent as "xmldata" enclosed within a <txn> tag without any spaces, as follows:


C. AARP Financial Inovation Frontiers Webinar and Report

  1. Link to recently released AARP Financial Innovation Frontiers webinar which provides good background on the challenges facing the +55 demographic group related to financial services


  2. Download link to 2017 AARP Financial Innovation Frontiers Report (in pdf):