Credit Card Account Transaction History API - Search Response Object Definitions



Table of Contents

  1. CCAccountInquiryReply
  2. CCAccountInquiryResponseData
  3. Address
  4. AutoPayInfo
  5. AuxStatus
  6. CollectionInfo
  7. PayoffInfo
  8. SSN
  9. STSOffers
  10. Status

CCAccountInquiryReply Up

RequestIdentifier (optional)
String Unique Identifier for every Request.
MessageStatus (optional)
Status Message Status Data.
CCAccountInquiryResponseData (optional)

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData Up

ActiveStatus (optional)
String Account Active status. Valid Values 0-Live Account 1-Training Account 2-Rejected App
CardType (optional)
String Card Type Valid Values 01-ATM 02-MasterCard 03-Visa 04-Private Label
ProductLine (optional)
String Product Line Valid Values 01-Regular Credit 02-Gold Credit 03-Debit 04-Electronic Card 05-Time Card 06-Cash Station Card 07, 7x-Business Card 17-Platinum 20-Signature Credit Card 21-Infinite Credit Card 22-World Credit Card
AccountStatus (optional)
String Account Status Valid Values 0-Good Account 1-Being Closed 2-Lost Checks 3-Temporary Restraint 4-Closed 5-Permanent Restraint 6-Lost Card 7-Over limit 8-Fraud 9-Bad Debt
ZipCode (optional)
String Customer Zip Code Note 5 Digits or 9 Digits. Max 9 Digits.
SecureCardIndicator (optional)
String Secure Card Indicator Valid Values Y, N
AuxStatus (optional)
TravelRewardIndicator (optional)
String Travel Reward Indicator. Valid Values Y, N
RewardIndicator (optional)
String Reward Indicator. Valid Values Y, N
InstantAccessIndicator (optional)
String Instant Access Indicator. Valid Values Y, N
UPayIndicator (optional)
String You pay indicator. Valid Values Y, N, U
UPayUSBankIndicator (optional)
String You pay US Bank indicator (used for advances/transfers) Valid Values Y, N
PinFlag (optional)
String PIN Flag Valid Values ** Last digit ** A-PCD Provided by FWNB/No Debit Services B-PCD Supplied by FWNB/Debit Services F-PCD Generated by FWNB for debit services G-PCD Generated by FWNB by debit processor P-PCD Supplied by Credit Card Processor R-PCD Supplied by Debit Processor for debit services S-PCD Supplied by Debit Processor
FirstarUnitSBFlag (optional)
String Firstar Flag (Unit-SB- Flag) Valid Values U-Firstar Member Bank B-Firstar Milwaukee Branch S-Service Bureau
NearPrimeAcctIndicator (optional)
String Near Prime Account Indicator Valid values NP Near Prime
ConvenienceCheckIndicator (optional)
String Convenience Check Indicator (Eligible for Convenience Checks) Valid Values YES, NO, ERR
StudentCardIndicator (optional)
String Student/College Card Indicator Valid Values Y, N
SSN (optional)
CreditLimit (optional)
BigDecimal Credit Limit
AvailableCredit (optional)
BigDecimal Available Credit
CurrentBalance (optional)
BigDecimal Current Balance
LastStatementBalance (optional)
BigDecimal Statement Balance
LastPaymentAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Last Payment Amount
LastPaymentDate (optional)
String Last Payment Date
LastStatementDate (optional)
String Date Last Statement
PaymentDueAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Payment Amount Due
PaymentDueDate (optional)
String Payment Due Date
DebitCardType (optional)
String Debit Card Type Valid Values E-EQUILINE B-BUSINESS blank-CONSUMER
ProductDescription (optional)
String Product Description (IVR Product Code) See VRU-Field Definitions for Elan IVR Screens Current.doc
RouteCallCode (optional)
String Route Call Code Whisper message (on IVR List) - Position 2, 3 Valid Values Byte 1-department C-Collections I-Investigative Srv S-Call Center Byte 2-3-Whisper Msg
CTIScreenPopCardCode (optional)
String CTI Screen Pop Card Code
CollectionInfo (optional)
PerDiemAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Per Diem Amount
PayoffInfo (optional)
AutoPayInfo (optional)
AvailableCashAdvanceAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Available Cash Advance Amount
STSOffers (optional)
IssuerBU (optional)
Integer Issuer BU
IssuerBUIDCode (optional)
String Issuer BU ID Code
PortfolioBU (optional)
Integer Portfolio BU
PortfolioBUIDCode (optional)
String Portfolio BU ID Code
SubBrandBU (optional)
Integer Sub-Brand BU
SubBrandBUIDCode (optional)
String Sub-Brand BU ID Code
BrandID (optional)
Integer Brand ID
RewardsBU (optional)
Integer Rewards BU
RewardsBUIDCode (optional)
String Rewards BU ID Code
LocationCode (optional)
Integer Location Code
NoOfPymtsReceivedOnPymtDate (optional)
Integer Number of Payments Received on the Payment Date
TotUnbilledMerchCreditCount (optional)
Integer Total Unbilled Merchant Credit Count
TotUnbilledMerchCreditAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Total Unbilled Merchant Credit Amount
CorporateIndicator (optional)
String Corporate Indicator Valid Values 1 or 3 is Corporate, 0 or 2 is Not Corporate
BusinessCardAccountType (optional)
String Business Card Account Type Valid Values AO, AE, CBA
CentralBillAccountIndicator (optional)
String Central Bill Account Indicator Valid Values Y, N
CentralBillAccountNumber (optional)
AOSSN (optional)
String AO Social Security Number
CBADueAmount (optional)
CBALastPmntDate (optional)
CBALastPmntAmount (optional)
CBAPaymentDueDate (optional)
CBACurrentBalanceAmount (optional)
CBALastStmntBalAmount (optional)
CurrentPurchaseInterestRate (optional)
LastStmntPurchaseInterestRate (optional)
PreviousYearInterest (optional)
CurrentYeartoDateInterestPaid (optional)
NoOfUnbilledTransactions (optional)
TotalUnbilledPaymentCount (optional)
TotalUnbilledPaymentAmount (optional)
CurrentAccountNumber (optional)
TotRemainingStmntBalance (optional)
CTIData (optional)
CTIName1 (optional)
CTIName2 (optional)
Address (optional)
DaysPastDue (optional)
PaymentAllowedFlag (optional)
String Payment Allowed Flag Valid Values Y-Payment Allowed, N-Payment Not Allowed
PastCutOffFlag (optional)
String Past CutOff Flag Valid Values Y-Past CutOff, N-Not Past CutOff
RoutingCode (optional)
String Temporary Route Code Valid Values T-TCS, P-PRPC
UniqueID (optional)
String Unique ID that is assigned to an account

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData_Address Up

AddressLine1 (optional)
AddressLine2 (optional)
City (optional)
State (optional)
Zip (optional)

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData_AutoPayInfo Up

AutoPayAccountNumber (optional)
String Account Number for AutoPay
AutoPayDate (optional)
String AutoPay Date
AutoPayType (optional)
String AutoPay Type, Valid Values N-None F-Fixed Amount monthly M-Minimum Due monthly T-Total Balance monthly TW-Total Balance weekly ME-Minimum due plus Essentials monthly MMA-Minimum due plus accelerator monthly MWA-Minimum due plus accelerator weekly
FixedAutoPayAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Fixed AutoPay Amount

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData_AuxStatus Up

AuxStatus1 (optional)
String Aux Status 1
AuxStatus2 (optional)
String Aux Status 2
AuxStatus3 (optional)
String Aux Status 3
AuxStatus4 (optional)
String Aux Status 4
AuxStatus5 (optional)
String Aux Status 5
AuxStatus6 (optional)
String Aux Status 6

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData_CollectionInfo Up

CollectionPhone (optional)
String Collections Phone Number
CollectionExtension (optional)
String 5 digit extension

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData_PayoffInfo Up

PayoffAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Payoff Amount
ExtendedPayoffAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Extended Payoff Amount
PayoffGoodThruDate (optional)
String Payoff Good Through Date

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData_SSN Up

SSN1 (optional)
String Social Security Number 1
SSN2 (optional)
String Social Security Number 2
SSN3 (optional)
String Social Security Number 3

CCAccountInquiryReply_CCAccountInquiryResponseData_STSOffers Up

STSOffer1 (optional)
String STS Offer 1 Valid Values DC-Debt Cancellation PG-Privacy Guard
STSOffer2 (optional)
String STS Offer 2 Valid Values DC-Debt Cancellation PG-Privacy Guard
STSOffer3 (optional)
String STS Offer 3 Valid Values DC-Debt Cancellation PG-Privacy Guard
STSOffer4 (optional)
String STS Offer 4 Valid Values DC-Debt Cancellation PG-Privacy Guard

Status Up

StatusCode (optional)
String Return Code from Host System
Severity (optional)
StatusDescription (optional)
String Return Status Description from Host Systems
ServerStatusCode (optional)
ServerStatusDescription (optional)
AdditionalStatus (optional)