Credit Card Account Transaction History API - Transaction History Response Object Definitions



Table of Contents

  1. CCTranHistoryReply
  2. CCTranHistoryResponseData
  3. TransactionDetails
  4. TransactionData
  5. Status

CCTranHistoryReply Up

RequestIdentifier (optional)
String Unique Identifier for every Request
MessageStatus (optional)
Status Message Status Data
CCTranHistoryResponseData (optional)

CCTranHistoryReply_CCTranHistoryResponseData Up

MoreFlag (optional)
String This element will be set to Yes when there are more items to available for the given input parameters. Enumeration Yes, No
TotalTransactionCount (optional)
Integer Total Number of Transactions available for the given input parameters.
NoOfTransOnThisCall (optional)
Integer Number of transactions returned in the current call.
OutContinueNumber (optional)
Integer Continue Number that will be used to make the subsequence call, when paging is required
StatementDate (optional)
String Statement date for month displayed when RequestType is StatementMonth
TransactionDetails (optional)

CCTranHistoryReply_CCTranHistoryResponseData_TransactionDetails Up

TransactionData (optional)

CCTranHistoryReply_CCTranHistoryResponseData_TransactionDetails_TransactionData Up

TransactionPostDate (optional)
String Transaction Posting Date
TransactounAmount (optional)
BigDecimal Transaction Amount
TransactionType (optional)
String Trandaction Type Enumeration Credit, Debit
TransactionCode (optional)
String Transaction Code
SICMCCCode (optional)
String SIC/MCC Code
CondensedSICMCCGroup (optional)
String Condensed SIC/MCC Group
MerchantNumber (optional)
String Merchant Number
SelectedMerchantNumber (optional)
String Merchant Number - Displayed when ServiceVersion > 01

Status Up

StatusCode (optional)
String Return Code from Host System
Severity (optional)
StatusDescription (optional)
String Return Status Description from Host Systems
ServerStatusCode (optional)
ServerStatusDescription (optional)
AdditionalStatus (optional)