Credit Card Account Detail API - Account Details Response Definitions



Table of Contents

  1. CAccountInquiryReply
  2. AccountInquiryResponse
  3. Address
  4. AuthRepNameArea
  5. Status

CAccountInquiryReply Up

MessageStatus (optional)
Status Message Status
RequestIdentifier (optional)
String Unique Identifier for every RequestIdentifier
AccountInquiryResponse (optional)

CAccountInquiryReply_AccountInquiryResponse Up

AccountType (optional)
String Type of the Account. VALUE CNS - Consumer VALUE CBA - Business Central Billed Account VALUE AO - Business Authorized Officer VALUE AE - Business Authorized Employee
ProductName (optional)
String Product Name
CustomerName1 (optional)
String Customer Name -1. Primary User.
CustomerName2 (optional)
String Customer Name -2. Secondary User.
CustomerName3 (optional)
String Customer Name -3. First Authorized User or Co-Signer.
SSN1 (optional)
String Social Security Number 1 Primary User.
SSN2 (optional)
String Social Security Number 2 Secondary User.
SSN3 (optional)
String Social Security Number 3 First Authorized User or Co-Signer.
Address (optional)
HomePhone (optional)
String Home Phone Number
CellPhone (optional)
String Cell Phone Number
AccountOpenDate (optional)
String Date Account opened. Format MMYYYY
AuthorizedOfficer (optional)
String Authorized Officer Name.
AuthRepNameArea (optional)
SignatureFlag (optional)
String Signature Flag. This will be set if the account has signature product.
CreditLine (optional)
String Credit Line will not be sent back for Signature accounts.
AccountStatusCode (optional)
String Account Status. Below are the account status codes returned. O C 0 1 2 3 4
AccountStatusDescription (optional)
String Account Status. Below are the account status descriptions returned. O-Open C-Closed 0-Good 1-Being Closed 2-Lost Stolen Checks 3-Temporary Restraint 4-Closed 5-Permanent Restraint 6-Lost Stolen Card 7-Over Credit Limit 8-Fraud 9-Bad Debt
ValidAccountFlag (optional)
String This will be set to Valid when Account status is NOT in 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 or 9 or Aux Status FR Otherwise Invalid.

CAccountInquiryReply_AccountInquiryResponse_Address Up

AddressLine1 (optional)
String Address Line1
AddressLine2 (optional)
String Address Line2
City (optional)
String City
State (optional)
String State
ZipCode (optional)
String Zip Code

CAccountInquiryReply_AccountInquiryResponse_AuthRepNameArea Up

AuthRepName (optional)
String Authorized Representative Name

Status Up

StatusCode (optional)
String Process Status Code (0 or 1)
Severity (optional)
StatusDescription (optional)
String Return Status Description from Host Systems
ServerStatusCode (optional)
String Return Code from Host Systems
ServerStatusDescription (optional)
String Server Status Description from Host Systems
AdditionalStatus (optional)
String Additional status